Refugees come to us not as a sequence of needs, but as a whole person. Humanitarian programming needs to reflect the refugee’s reality.

“Have you noticed that while corporations sell you junk drinks, artisans sell you cheese and wine?”Nassim Nicholas Taleb

“What is at stake, especially for those…

We have lived in places of scarcity for so long that we have lost sight of the abundance our world contains.

“Just as the rivers we see are much less numerous than the underground streams, so the idealism that is visible is minor compared to what men and women carry in their hearts, unreleased or scarcely released. Mankind is waiting and longing for those who can accomplish the task of untying…

The international humanitarian system has been failing. Maybe now we can change.

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” W. Edwards Deming

“Think about this, the twenty first century is an endless march against those who thought they were in power. From the music industry and Napster to politics today.” Bob Lefsetz

The international humanitarian system has been failing

Daniel Wordsworth

CEO of World Vision Australia

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